English Speaking and Listening

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Most people 


skinner as a twig


is it the media suffer through dieting?

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In society today 

ideal perfect person

is skinny becoming the new pretty

stereotype for young girls to be pretty

magazines and the internet 

future for UK! 

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I dont have a problem with...

being judged and judging 

magazines only show us skinny people

Make money

would it be different if they advertised something else

is it the name or the content we are buying

terrible illnesses - media's fault

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Of course, we cant...

caught up in the cycle of anorexia 

through bullying 

at school about weight

what makes teenagers do this?

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The media creates an image in teenagers minds

interpretate at school

the media is causing some suffering

just because they have to make money and sell a story

the media - should be helping not making it worse

catch the attention of the reader through skinny people they can do....

killing people to become pretty where they need to be healthy 

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