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a set of revision cards on frankenstein and macbeth

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Our Hero's

Both macbeth and frankenstein are flawed heros

macbeth and frankenstein were both born of noble/royal blood

Near the end of both stories the main characters realise their mistake and try to put it right.

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Macbeth (qualities & flaws)

Macbeth is easily influenced by his wife, lady macbeth.

Macbeth becomes the thane of cawdor

Macbeth kills king duncan

Macbeth belives he cannot be killed by anyone but a man not born of a woman.

Macbeth begins to regret what he has done towards the end of the story.

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Frankenstein (Qualities & flaws)

Frankenstein is drove on to try and bring humans back to life due to the death of his mother which he deems: 'Unfair'

Frankenstein cares for his family and his adopted sister very much.

Frankenstein creates the monster and then shouts: 'Oh god, What have i done? What have i done!' this is his regret for creating the monster.

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elliot stott

its a tragic hero barwick :/

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its not a flawed hero, its a tragic hero....sad sad boy :s

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Stupid cuttlefish.

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