English Reading Paper

Question One

  • At least 5 inferred points
  • A maximum of 5 direct points - 'quote them'
  • Refer to the question
  • Use sentence starters
  • Use discursive markers
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Question Two

  • 10 points altogether
  • At least 5 inferred points
  • At least 5 points made using the writer's words - 'quote them'
  • Include key words from the question - 'think' and 'feel'
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Question Three

  • How = the writer's method: a combination of overview and specific detail that are analysed
  • Approach: positive/negative/emotive/balanced/personal experience/facts/humerous
  • Content: what are the most important/influential ideas? Explain the effects
  • Tone: serious/light-hearted/humorous/sarcastic/angry/emotive/informal/formal
  • Language: analyse significant devices
  • Structure: how it starts and ends/sentence lengths/punctuation/order it is presented in/title
  • 7-10 points from across the text as indicated in question
  • Must have a range of points from all of the 5 areas
  • Vocabulary to show overview - 'throughout' and 'overall'
  • Convincing explanation and inferences
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Question Four

  • Cover all of the bullet points in the question
  • Write about both texts equally - 5 points on each
  • Use the headings/bullet points given to answer your question
  • Clearly identify which text/writer the piece of information is from
  • Summarise what the text says using quotes only
  • No inferences
  • Give an overview of each text for each question
  • Use comparing words to make comparisons
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