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Analysing media texts- An Ominous Warning From Above

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An Ominous Warning from above

What Is It About ?

The UK'S lack of awareness about the devastating affects of climate change.

Fact + Opinion

  • Makes it more truthful
  • Facts back up opinion


  • Emotive makes you feel sympathetic - makes you want to do somehting about it
  • 'ravaged' destroyed
  • 'rapidly changing the face' its happening quickly, changing what they are used to
  • 'threatening the survival of billions'
  • 'face devastation' dramatic
  • 'millions of tons' a vast scale
  • 'admitted' shows guilt
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An Ominous Warning (2)

Effectiveness of headline, image and layout


  • 'Ominous' complex wording- important, true, curiousity, urgency
  • 'warning' dramatic
  • 'from above' religious connotations- from heaven/God, must be important and worrying


  • Picture of base camp underneath mountains- camp is sinking
  • In base camp picture the men are smiling- contrasts sadness and worry of the article, shows when the picture was taken they were happy but now they're not


  • 'The Independent,' type of readership- business men/women, intellectual
  • '6th July 2007' the situation could have got even worse since then
  • paragraphs chronological
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