English poetry terms

Poetic terms/techniques

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Personification + Enjambment

Personification - Where you talk about an object asthough its a person; it's given human roles/ trates or characteristics.

Enjambment - Where line arn't punctuated and they run into each other.

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Alliteration - Where you repeat the first letter of each word to add effect to the sentance and attract attention.

End-Stopped - Full stop at the end of every line.

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Sibilance - Where you repeat the S sound; similar to alliteration.

Assonance - Repetition of vowel sounds.

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Free Verse

Free Verse - No real structure to a text so it's layout etc may be different, (no definate structure or layout)

Stanza - Verse or set of lines.

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Context - The way and meaning of a text the background/ History of the times

Stress (sound) - Emphasis is put on a particular syliable.

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Refrain - Parts of a poem thats repeated

Allusion - Make reference to something thats already happened (from other texts and poems).

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Onomatopeia - When the words sound like the sound they make.

Semantic field - A group of words that create affect that are all related to a particular topic.

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Colloquialism - Slang words that can be specifc to a region or group.

Symbolism - What certain images come to represent.

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Oxymoron - The contrast of two words and phrases that are opposing.

Ambiguity - Something that could have a lot of different meanings and can be interpreted differently.

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Metaphor - Comparison of when something IS something.

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this is actual very good, more detailed would have been perfect. but thanks

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