English poems (cluster 1)

These cards are help for GCSE English, paper 1 section A cluste 1, made in 2011

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Themes: appression, culture enslaving another

Structure: song 'limbo, limbo like me' chorus repeated

Language: 'drummer is calling' in control

'stick is the whip' staccato, beat, harsh, sharp

Feelings: 'down, down, down' repitition, journey to hell, anger/ violence

Sold into slavery, dance/song

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Nothings Changed

Themes: racism, discrimination, contrast, oppression

Structure: telling a story, short and long sentences, odd stanza shape

Language: 'crushed White glass, linnen falls, the single rose' power of 3,

expensive, different to working mans cafe

Feelings: 'hands burn for a stone a bomb' angry, wants change,

'stone' child, 'bomb' man, war

Describes his story to convey his feelings about racism

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Island Man

Themes: change, identity, 2 cultures, mixing culture

Structure: story, first 2 paragraphs are about the caribbean and the second 2 are about

London. They are separated by 'groggily, groggily' to keep the two places

apart, so he doesn't have to get up

Language: 'island man heaves himself' doesn't want to be there, 'heaves' heavy, has to

get up

Feelings: 'another London day' every day is the same, doesn't want to be there, wants

to go home

Compares the carabean to London, of a Caribbean mans view

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Themes: change, climate effects, poverty

Structure: supports the varying amounts of water

'drip' not much. 'sudden rush' lots

Language: 'roar of tongues' onnomatopea, hear the joy or worry about the water

Feelings: extended metaphor of religion

'blessing' shows the strong emotion about the water (thankfulness)

Community that rejoices at sudden rainfall

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Themes: split society and culture, contrast, poverty, oppression

Structure: broken lines - broken society, split lines - split society
'and looking down into
an elegant open mercedes

Language: 'garbagemen in red plastic blazers' bad job, 'plastic' -cheap, 'red' -danger
'elegant open mercedes' better than the garbagemen, car -expensive

Feelings: 'holding all four close together' the only thing they have together, show the
extremes of rich and poor

Shows how extreme rich and poor can be

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Night of the Scorpion

Themes: description, first person, love, cultural difference, good in evil

Structure: story/ monologue, thought process, long sentences, very descriptive

Language: 'may the poison purify your flesh' oxymoron, alliteration. 'poison' evil
'purify' opposite, making it better
'I watched the flame feed on my mother' 'flame feed' evil/devil eating her,
personification, alliteration. 'I' personal, son/daughter

Feelings: good in evil

Son/daughter talking about a memory of there mother being stung by a scorpion

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Themes: good in evil, identity

Structure: comparative structure to show vultures and nazis can be good

Language: 'dump of gross feathers' creates and image, body of vultures with remains of
all the flesh and guts it has feasted on

Feelings: 'a tiny glow worm encapsulated in the icy caverns of a cruel heart' good in evil

Show how nothing can be all bad

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What were they like?

Themes: change, conflict, clashing cultures, poverty

Structure: question and answer, interview, want to know more about what happened

Language: 'sir, their light hearts turned to stone' 'sir' higher status
'light' future, happieness. 'stone' not living, harsh, hard

Feelings: 'who can say? It's silent now' no one left, all dead, don't know what happened
sad, whole culture was lost

Q + A maybe between, solider - researcher / pupil - teacher, trying to find more information

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