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Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan

About: About a school girl getting presents from her Aunts in Pakistan, she regards them as “alien” as she is not used to the bright colours and wants just to wear her normal “denim and corduroy. The woman in this poem is very confused but, believes more in the English culture than the Pakistani one.

When she talks about her friend MA (poet) is actually her other side, so it is almost a balancing argument with herself, whether or not she likes them



written on two sides of a page, it shows how she is split into to two sides


Poetic devices: BRIGHT COLORS – used to show the huge contrast

                         Similie – “like an orange split open 

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Hurricane Hits England

About: About a women living in England away from her hometown and find happiness when she listens to the wind. She finds out during that poem that whereever she is in the world the earth will always be the same

Structure: written in different length stanzas and lines which shows the unpredictability of hurricanes and bad weather. The first stanza is different to the others, it is longer than the rest and it sets the story.

It is written in third person howevs the rest is written in 1st

Poetic devices: paradox – “fearful and reassuring”

                         metaphor – “howling ship of the wind”

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Not My Businness

About: the man in the poem does not want to help anybody else, as long as he is fine and has enough food – his yam then he is aright. Howevs the poet believes the oppose thing that people should oppose tyranny  

Structure: It is written as a fable – a story with a moral

                  Every paragraph – except the last one there is the same repetition of verses, is slightly indented this shows that no matter how far away the writing can go he is never completely free from the situation

Poetic devices: Simile – “beat him soft like clay”

                         Animal imagery – “stuffed him down the belly” – “Hungary hand”

                         Personification – bewildered lawn

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Search for my tongue

About: SB (poet) finding her true self again – her personal language as she thought she lost it. She becomes much happier, and this happens by dreaming, when she dreams her mother tongue comes back and almost strangles the other one for power in the mouth

Structure: written half in Gujarati and half not, it is written in the heart of the poem this can show where her true heart lies in what she believes

Poetic devices: main one is the fact that there is the tongue and this is the metaphor for her language. Its an extended metaphor.

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Half Caste

About: the man in the poem is very annoyed at being called half caste, and comes up with many reasons to why being called that is both offensive and stupid. 

Structure: he writes in Caribbean dialect.

                  It is written, with one long leg and one short leg “standing on one leg”

  does not capitalise the words picasso and tchaicosckvy 


Poetic devices: not much… except repetition of “half-caste”

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Love the one on Hurricane Hits England!



thanks :)

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