English Paper 1 Section A

Paper 1 Section A

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Paper 1 Section A


Is the information in the document factual, a series of the writer’s opinions, or a mixture of the two?


  • Is the document long and wordy with few pictures?
  • Is it written in short paragraphs with lots of pictures?
  • Is it written in bullet points?
  • Is it interesting or eye-catching to look at?
  • Is it a leaflet?
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Paper 1 Section A

Mind the GAP

GAP stands for:

  • Genre
  • Audience
  • Purpose


What is the text? How do you know?

In the exam, this is easy because you will be told where the text came from. Knowing where the document came from - eg a newspaper, a magazine, a website, a book etc - will help you to think about the intended audience.

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Paper 1 Section A


Who is the text aimed at? How do you know?

A writer always has an audience in mind. Different styles of writing will be used for different audiences. You would probably not speak to your head teacher in the same way as you speak to your friends.


What does the text want you to do? How does the text make you do it?

All documents have a purpose - some entertain, some inform, some persuade and so on. To answer these questions in detail, you need to think about 'Make a LIST'...

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Paper 1 Section A

Make a LIST

LIST stands for:

  • Language
  • Information
  • Style
  • Tone


  • Is the language persuasive, informative, descriptive, childish or adult?
  • Is the language emotive?
  • Does it make you feel angry or sad?
  • Does the writer address you directly?
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what abou tone?

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