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English Literature Paper focused on 'Of Mice and Men'

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George Milton

  • George is Lennie's best friend and has been ever since he promised Aunt Clara that he would care for him and protect him; like a father figure.
  • George keeps Lennie out of trouble.
  • He needs Lennie for friendship but also for his strength to get them both jobs because George is quite small yet he has brains and quick wit about him.
  • He shares a dream with Lennie, and later on in the book Candy, to own a piece of land and have rabbits and grow alfalfa and this is why they have the jobs at the ranch, to build up a stake.
  • George is completely honest with people he trusts. For example, he tells Slim what Lennie is really like and how he used to play tricks on him.
  • George has responsibility for Lennie which he has no help with and he has no family. These two things are what makes him lonely. He makes himself feel better by thinking of the 'dream' that they will grow crops and vegetables and have a smoke-house, somewhere to belong.
  • George has restless eyes, a dark face, sleder arms, a thin and bony nose and sharp features.
  • George is made to shoot his best friend in the head.
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Lennie Small

  • Lennie is a huge man yet with the mind of a small child. He has limited intelligence and relies on George to look after him.
  • Lennie likes to stroke and touch soft things like puppies and dead mice. We know this got him in trouble in Weed when he touched a girls dress and wouldn't let go so she screamed thinking he was going to attack her.
  • He can be very forgetful, forgetting important things that George has said.
  • He is very kind, caring and gentle because he would never harm anything with intention.
  • Lennie is extremely strong. He can lift one bag of barley easily above his head whereas normally it would take 2 heaving a bag of barley. He is also often described as a child or an animal because he drinks out of the pool like a horse and his huge hands remind people of paws.
  • Lennie is described as having wide sloping shoulders and a shapeless face. He also has large eyes and is very tall. He has no familyor friends (apart from George) but he just thinks of his dream and tending to the rabbits to keep him going.
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