English - Lord of the Flies

Info about different main charachters in the Novel 'Lord of the Flies' written by William Golding.

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~ Manages to keep his temper near the beginning of the book, but throughout the novel, he becomes more like a savage and loses control of himself.

~ Tried to act 'cool' at the beginning by acting as though he wasnt worrying at all about the situation (being stranded on an island) and by acting as though he didnt care about Piggy when he was trying to tell Ralph about himself.

~ Was the leader, but had no idea how to be. Jack had been a leader before, and was willing to (well, maybe abit more than 'was willing to'...!) take over leadership, but no matter how bad things got, Ralph showed how stubborn he was by not giving up and always trying to fix things.

~ is brave, though I'm not sure whether you could say he was even moreso than Jack, as when they went to the mountain Ralph offered to go, out of curiosity and to help 'his people' be at peace.

~ As time goes by, he becomes more like a leader and becomes less self-counsious and says what he thinks will make the boys happy, and not worry, at the same time the truth and trying to keep their hopes/morale up.

~ Takes things into hand immidiately after landing on the island. As soon as he realizes that there arent any grow-ups on the island and that everyone is going to have to deffend themselves and create their own community, he makes it happen by blowing the conch; Thats the beginning of Ralphs major personality change throughout the book.

~ Shows what he's really feeling when Piggy dies. When Piggy was alive, I guess Ralph thought he had to be strong for him, as everyone else had gone and it was them alone, he thought he had to keep Piggy extra happy and everything, but when Piggy dies, a weight is lifted off of Ralphs back and he feels like nothing really matters and that he can just be himself, and doesnt have to care about what other people think anymore, because he isnt the one leading them anymore.

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~ Thinks about everyone, not only himself.

~ Does not seem to hold grudges easily, thoughwhen Jack continually excludes him, he doesnt lose his temper but shows by the way he acts that he is hurt and angry.

~ Gives Ralph a lot of his ideas, and as well as Ralph giving Piggy morale, Piggy also gives Ralph morale and that is shown when Piggy dies and Ralph gets really upset and feels like giving up.

~ Is one of the only people in the group of stranded boys who continues working. He helps look after the younger children and make sure everyones there. In a way he is playing his aunt: "my aunty said...", and she looked after him as in telling him what he is able to do without getting hurt, so he practically does the same with the younger children.

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~ Wants to eb the Leader, and is ashamed when Ralph is elected leader twice.

~ Doesnt really care about any of the other boys, and just enjoys giving them orders.

~ At the beginning, Jack seems like a normal boy, though strict and disiplined, but in the novel, he is the first to turn savage and rebel against having Ralph as a leader.

~ During the book, Jack is the one who seems to be one step ahead of Ralph, but at the same time at exactly the same level: Jack has the skills to be a leader, but Ralph was chosen; Jack wants to order everyone about, but Ralph is telling everyone which jobs to do.

~ You are able to see that at the begining of the Novel, Jack is trying to control what he says and does, but later on, he does whatever he feels like doing (Killing Piggy, making a new vote on who the boys want as chief, hunting, etc.).

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~ Is quiet but thoughtful. He doesnt say anything without having a reason.

~ Doesnt take sides, even when Jack and Ralph become enemies, Simon stays loyal to both.

~ Is brave, and doesnt believe in things without having a reason to believe int them.

~ Does not want power,and does not make people listen to him (unlike Jack - or Ralph), but he gives peope the choice: to take in his advice, or to chose to be deaf to it.

~ Reminds some people of Christ, how he was sacrificed willingly. Simon went to find the truth, when it was found, he returned and was brutally murdered before he could tell everyone, mistaken for the 'monster' he was trying to tell them about.

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