English Literature - Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

Quick Notes.

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Big Ma


  • She supports Mary logan - keeps watch with a gun at night
  • Regarded as a heroin
  • Strong competant and independant
  • Family and Land is very important to her


  • She tells Cassie the story about when grandpa Logan bought them the land
  • they worked hard and overcame sorrows, but they and the land survived


  • She has a sense of pride in who she is
  • but she is also realistic whe she doesnt attempt to put her wagon near the front of the market
  • Cassie is surrounded by an angry crowd, she is afraid and makes Cassie apologise
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David Logan


  • He doesnt goto work because he is worried about the effect of the Boycott of the Wallace store
  • but he decided to go, as he needs the money to pay for taxes
  • On the way back from viscksburg, he is attacked and is injured


  • He is angry with the children for sneaking out at night
  • The he is awareof what is happening at the Avery house, and that Satcey is there
  • his concern is for both Stacey and TJ, so he takes his rifle
  • Papa Logan knew that if he started the fire, it would direct the men from TJ and save his life
  • He took a terrible risk - sacrificed 1/4 of his cotton farm in order to save TJ
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  • Cassie is the narrator and we immediately recognise her impatience with her brother, irritation with her clothing, and her dislike of TJ Avery
  • She is an independant girl / Strong sense of Justice / Family loyalty(The book)


  • As thenarrator she tells us about the Berrys burnings - she is lstening into the adults conversation


  • She knows she is as good as anybody else, and cannot understand why she served after another child.
  • Stacey has more realistic asessments and hastily drags her out of the store
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