English Literature - Macbeth

These cards are designed to help me remember the main charecters and points of the play Macbeth.

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Overview of the play.

'Macbeth' opens with an incantation, spoken by 3 witches who are calling upon Macbeth and his friend Banquo to tell them of Macbeth's impending kingship.  Macbeth discovers from the witches that he will be Thane of Cawdor (a lord who will possess a region of Scotland), and eventually ascend to the throne of Scotland.

Discovering that the current king of Scotland Duncan, isn't going anywhere soon and fully intends for his son to carry on the monarchy, Macbeth becomes jealous and with the encouragement of his wife, Lady Macbeth, stabs Duncan in his sleep, who is staying in Macbeth's castle in Inverness.

After the death of Duncan, Banquo become suspicious of Macbeth's involvement in the tradegy.  Macbeth, sensing this, sends for Banquo and his son (flance) to be killed. Banquo is killed, however his son escapes, sending Macbeth once again into a stressed turmoil. When another dinner is held at the Macbeths' castle, Macbeth believes he see's the ghost of Banquo pointing the accusastory finger at him.

After the meal, Lady Macbeth questions her husband as to what triggered his unusual and startling behaviour that night, with which he explains the situation to her.  With Lady Macbeth starting to feel the reprocussions of what she and Macbeth have done, she starts to sleepwalk and is caught washing imaginary blood off her hands with acid.  Lady Macbeth soon commits suicide as a result of her guilt and overpowering husband.

When Macduff (A scottish nobleman) is told that his wife and 3 children have been killed due to the orders of Macbeth, he alongside Duncan's older son Malcolm, declare war on macbeth and set out to rid Scotland of him for good.  Macduff comes face to face with a drunken but still armed Macbeth in his dining room, and attempts to kill him, but is stabbed by Macbeth in the arm before going through with the deed.  However, balance is restored when Macduff kills Macbeth and cuts off his head, bringing it back with him as proof and a means of celebration.

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