English Literature: Great Expectations


Presentation on Mr Jaggers

>Jaggers is a scary lawyer who looks after Miss Havisham's and Pip's legal+ financial affairs
>So fearful that he doesn't have to lock his doors at night 
> Bites his finger constantly at everyone (113)
>'Never mind what you read just now Sir; I don't ask you..' (114) he makes wopsle look really stupid
>Good description- 'I had known him the moment' (115)
> 'I thought Mr Jaggers glanced at Joe, as if he considered hima fool for his disinterestedness' (116) In his world everyone is after something so his reaction shows just how Joe wouldn't survive in 'his world'
>Only does his job for the money ' I tell you at once, I am paid for my services..' (118)
>'throwing his finger at them' and 'Have you paid wemmick' shows money (140)
> They're talking about getting a false witness- willing to be dishonest for money (142)
>constantly washes his hands (to get rid of guilt and corruption) (178)
> Pip thinks they look like nooses (punishment) (179)
>'chair was made of black horse hair with rows of brass nails'  

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Theme of gentility

> GE explores what it means to be a gentleman
>No hat (2) symbolises he isn't a gentleman
> Have to have wealth, status and nice clothes
>Pip learns that to be a gentleman you have to be kind and loving the hard way
>Joe isn't a gentleman and eventually Pip becomes embarrassed by him 'such a coarse and common business' (123)
>Joe and biddy are the 'heroes' of the novel 

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