English Literature - Context for Section A

Just an outline of the events that happened in the 20th Century... think about the effects these had on society and relate this to your answers in the exam. Don't forget, there are 15 marks for context in section A! (note: no marks are given for context in section B)

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Historical Timeline of events that have happened i

1900s - feats like Wright brothers, Einstein's theory of relativity... hardships like San Francisco earthquake... intro of first silent movie and teddy bear

1910s - 1st 'total' war, WW1, russian revolution, titanic hits iceberg, spanish flu killing millions around world. positive: ppl in 1910s got first taste of an oreo cookie and filled out thier 1st crossword

1920s - jazz music, short skirts etc... strikes in women suffrage... first talking film, first mickey mouse cartoon. Voting introduced for women in 1928

1930s - the great depression hit the world had in 1930s... nazis took advantage of this and came to power in Germany, establosh 1st concentration camp and begin persecution of the Jews. 

1940s - WW2, Nazis established death camps to kill millions of Jews during the Holocaust, when WW2 ended; Cold War began. Assassination of Ghandi and beginning of Apartheid. 1st computer invented! :)

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1950s - 'Golden Age' Colour TV invented, polio vaccine discovered, Disneyland opened. Cold War continued as Space Race betwen US and Soviet Union began. Segregation ruled illegal in US and beginning of Civil Rights movement... ration in Britain ended in 1955... 

1960s - Vietnam War, hippies, drugs, protests, rock & roll... Berlin Wall built, Soviets launched first man into space, JFK assassinated, the Beatles became popular, ML King made famous "I have a dream" speech. First pirate radio station: Radio Caroline (1964)

1970s - Vietnam War still a major event, deadliest earthquake of the century, Jonestown massacre, nuclear accident at Three Mile Island, disco became popular, 'Star Wars' hit theatres. Equal Pay Act, Winter of Discontent... Thatcher comes into power 1979.. unemployment, economy...

1980s - end of Cold War begins, fall of Berlin Wall. Oil spill of the Exxon Valdez, Ethiopian Famine, huge poison gas leak in Bhopal, discovery of AIDS... Rubik's cube toy, pac-man video game, MJ's "thriller" video. IRA, miners strike...

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1990s - Cold War ends, Nelson Mandela is released from prison, Internet becomes popular, sems like a decade of hope and relief. Tragedy: Oklahoma City bombing, Columbine High School massacre, Rwandan genocide...

2000s - Intro of Google, Facebook (haha!), radical Islam, civil rights movements, knife crime, 9/11, Barack Obama as first black American president...

Hope this gives an idea of the what was happening during the literature written.... and how these may have affected the writers' thoughts, feelings and attitudes on THE STRUGGLE FOR IDENTITY..

thank youu :) if there are any suggestion, I am more than happy to take them :)))

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fantastic thank you :D

Bethany Hill


Thank you!

Jamie Lappin-Place


Useful resource, but would be better if you streamlined it down to only relevant Struggle For Identity topics, such as gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, etc

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