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Notes on 'A View from the Bridge'.

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  • Catherine betrays Eddie: Eddie does not want Catherine to be with Rodolfo and doesn't want her to get a job or ever grow up.

"That's a nice kid? he gives me the heeby-jeebies....B., the guy is no good!"

  • Marco betrays Eddie: he kills Eddie at the end of the play.

'Marco grabs his arm, turning the blade inward and pressing it home...'

  • Eddie betrays Marco and Rodolfo: he calls immigration.

"I want to report something.Illegal immigrants.Two of them."

  • Beatrice betrays Eddie: she always questions him about his relationship with Catherine, and she isn't much of a wife to him.
  • Eddie betrays Beatrice: he likes Catherine and is focused on her when he should be focusing his attention on Beatrice, not a good husband.
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LOVE - Family love at beginning - father-daughter love - brotherly love - love of a place.

JUSTICE and LAW - Alfieri makes it clear at the beginning of the play that justice and law are going to be important in the play.

HONOUR - Eddie tells B "It's an honour, B. I mean it." when they discuss the arrival of the cousins. - E knows how dishonourable his love for C is. - Alfieri tells E he will lose respect from neighbourhood if betrays brothers. - Marco believes only honourable course is to punish E. - E desperately wants his name back.

Jealousy - Beatrice jealous of relationship between Eddie and Catherine. - Eddie jealous of Rodolfo's relationship with Catherine.

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Alice Deane


Maybe it would be better if you changed the title because I went on to this but I don't actually study this text. Also people looking for information about this text might not find it like this.

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