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The governess is telling Douglas about the events that happened at Bly when she was the governess there. She describes the feelings she had when she first met the Master. She is in a mental institute and she is writing the story as a monologue

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Chapter One

She arrives at Bly and starts to hear the ghosts but she is not certain that the noises are ghosts. She meets Mrs Grose and the children and describes how lovely they are. She has negative feelings of Bly, not a place of romance.

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Chapter Two

Miles is expelled but it is not explained why. The governess feels that Mrs Grose is holding back and she knows more that she is letting on

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chapter three

She meets Quint for the first time. He is on the tower when she is walking in the garden and dreaming of the Master and her having a romance

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chapter four

She meets Quint again on the other side of the window. She recognises him from the first time she saw him on the tower. She tells Mrs Grose and she seems terrified but the governess wonders whether she already knew. 

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Chapter Five

The governess is certain that she saw him but then has doubts later on. is she insane? did she really see them? Mrs Grose tells the governess it is Quint from the description the governess has put forward. The governess is told that Quint is dead.

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Chapter Six

Mrs grose claims not to have seen Quint but accepts what the governess is telling her. The governess is convinced that he had come from Miles. They have a general conversation about Quint and Miles and the relationship they had. She sees Mrs Jessel across the lake when out playing with Flora. she thinks Flora is aware, she is just not letting on the fact that she knows about the ghosts. 

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Chapter Seven

the governess is convinced that the children are fully aware of the ghosts and just havent told anyone. she describes miss jessel in all her horror. she feels that flora will lie if they question her about seeing miss jessel. Mrs Grose questions the governess about how she is so sure she saw them. she knows that miss jessel is also dead. she feels that mrs grose again knows more that she is letting on.

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Chapter eight

the governess thinks that flora is plotting against her. she begins to question her sanity and feels that it may be what flora wants her to do. she feels that Miles was trying to hide his relationship with Quint perhaps because it was inappropriate. 

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Chapter Nine

the governess feels that miles is also trying to trick her with his clever nature. she wonders why he was expelled from school and the extent to which he went. she cannot understand due to his innocence. the governess has a feeling that the ghosts are in the house as something is out of place. she meets Quint on the stairs but she is no longer scared of his malevolent nature so he goes

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chapter ten

Flora is out of bed when the governess checks on her after encountering quint. she thinks that flora is trying to decieve her with the way in which the curtains were arranged around her bed but flora says it was just because she didnt want to scare the governess. Miss jessel apprears on the stairs but shows no signs of malevolence. there is a figure in the grounds of the house, quint is after miles and Miles is out on the lawn

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chapter eleven

she questions her sanity more. Miles is taken inside by the governess  but he comes to her showing that he wants to be helped before it is too late. she questions miles but gets no appropriate answer. he admits that he had been plotting with flora to distract her while he slipped outside.

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chapter twelve

she refers to her sanity again. she feels that the children are trying to trick her into thinking that she is insane. she feels that the ghosts are trying to gain possesion of the children and thet are doing so in all their malevolence. she wants to right to the master to tell him that he must protect the children and he should be aware of these malicious ghosts

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chapter thirteen

Miss jessel appears at the bottom of the stairs. she thinks that the children know about the ghosts and they are plotting against her by making her think that she is insane. she thinks that she cant see them when the children can because her eyes are sealed. 

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chapter fourteen

she is protecting herself from the children turning against her and trying to convince her that she is crazy. Miles wants to show the governess that he is not a child anymore- possible sexual references. might have had exosure to adult life when with quint. 

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chapter fifteen

the governess has started to question again what miles must have done in order to get expelled. Miss jessel appears again in the school room. the governess feels like she was the intruder and miss jessel had authority over her-possibly going insane

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chapter sixteen

the governess decides to leave Bly. she tells mrs grose that miss jessel spoke to her which is a lie but reassures mrs grose that the ghosts are real. she thinks that she has come to posses flora. she wants the master to know that miles has been expelled. the governess feels that the ghosts are the masters fault and he left the children in the hands of such evil creatures

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chapter seventeen

Miles is awake at night thinking of the governess-possibly sexual.Miles wants the master to know everything and he is rather eager to leave bly. the candle goes out and miles says it was him who blew it out-possible sexual connotations

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chapter eighteen

the governess had neglected flora whilst pursuing miles for answers. flora is no where and the governess thinks she is with miss jessel and miles is with quint. she thinks it is too late to save miles and she leaves the letter for luke to post

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chapter nineteen

she thinks that the children together were plotting to escape and be with the ghosts. Flora has escaped to the otherside of the lake in a boat which she thinks flora has hidden with the help of miss jessel to look decieving. they arrive and flor holds a fern perhaps as a cover. she is confronted about whether she was with miss jessel

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chapter twenty

the governess sees miss jessel on the bank when with mrs grose and flora. the governess thinks that she now has proof but she is the only one who can see miss jessel. Flora thinks the governess is mad and wants her to leave

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chapter twenty-one

Flora is presented as feverish so maybe that is why she didnt see miss jessel. she wants flora to go to the master so she can tackle miles on her own. mrs grose thinks that flora has been possesed due to the things she says about the governess. Miles had stolen the letter. Mrs grose thinks miles is a thief and that is why he was expelled

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chapter twenty-two

miles is happy to be alone with the governess after flora has left. the governess admire how clever miles must be in order to not have already been possesed. 

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chapter twenty-three

Miles likes the fact they are alone together in Bly but refers to others-ghosts or servents? he is questioned about the letter going missing and she thinks he might finally confess all

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chapter twenty-four

quint appears outside. miles presents as feverish. he confesses to having stolen the letter. miles is getting progressively worse and it could be that he is being possesed by quint. she questions her sanity once again if miles is innocent. miles says quints name-renouncing him? he dies-either ill, smothered or possesed

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