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This method is used in

  • Kid -
    • The peom is addressed to a chracter who was a father figue to the poet in his child hood bitterly expains how he has been deserted by this character
  • Havisham -
    • This poem uses the chracter of  Miss Havisham from Charles Dicken's novel, she is bitter and twisted confused woman who has is obsessed and cant let go of the fact that she got left at the alatar all those years ago
  • My last Duchess -
    • This poem uses the chracter of duke to show his personal opinion of his dead wife, we learn as the poem goes on thart he definately the jealous and posessive type. He was explains how disrespectful his wife was when she was alive, and suggest how she might of been unfaithful to him so he had her killed.
  • Hitcher -
    • this poem adresses the chracter of the poet and how he seems to of lost his patientance with life in general and suddenly feels the need to let it out on a hitch hiker
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Imagery helps the reader imagine the situation and the characters and emotions described in the poem. It often uses comparisions to describe something

  • Before you were mine
    • This poem creates the image of a fun loving girl full of dreams, as she describes her mother 10 years before she was born
    • The images are quesit  nostalgic her mum staying out on street corner and dancing late at night.
  • Anne Hathaway
    • This poem is full of rather sexual imagery as the peot talks about Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway's second best bed.
    • The poem is allso full of love imagery and she describes how much she was in love with him and there are also some fantasies in there too.
  • Mother Any Distance
    • this poem uses the imagery of the poet moving into his new house o describe the renewed relationship between him and his mother as he has grown up.
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Closing Couplets

This method is good as it sums up the poem as a whole and its can make a new or surprising point giving the  poem an un expected conclusion.

  • Sonnet 130
    • Through the beginning of the peom shakespeare critises his mistress but the last two line show us that he does love her really
    • this surprises the readerand makes then look at  the rest of the poem in a different way
    • this makes his love semm all the more genuine because he know shes not perfect 'I think my love as rare/ As any she belied with false compare'
  • Anne Hathaway
    • The poems ends in a ironice mannor as the closing couplets suggest that Shakespeare does not feel second to Anne as she felt safe and secure with him.
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Poets often use this method draw attention to something funny or odd.

  • Kid
    • Robin sarcastically call batman bigshot - and people used to think that Batman  was a big hero
    • So now things have changed and Robin is the 'the real boy wonder' and now batman is all alone
    • it seem ironice because things have turned out this way
    • Robin takes prid in pointing this out 'it makes a marvellous picture'
  • Hitcher 
    • To be honest you would think that it would be the other way round that it would be the hitch hiker kill in the man with the job and the car.
  • My Last Duchess
    • Weirdly after having killed his first wife the Duke is allowed and wants another wife to take his name even after he was angry with his first wife.
  • The Laboratory
    • Here the women is actually full of the revenge and passion to kill these three people as she is the pocessive one over her lover.
    • And she is all willing to give her wealth and poscessions to do so.
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Language effects

These can create mood or atmophere in a poem. There are useful for creating a vivd picture in the readers mind. Making the poets feelings or opnions more forcefull and convincing. 

  • Stealing
    • The alliteration of 'm' created an excited feel the chracter is telling a story that they think is interesting.
    • Ryming words show how the poet sees that things are connected for example head and dead.
    • The irregular use of the ryming make the poets thought seem unstable and dangerous
  • Kid
    • every line in poem rhymes gving the peoms a relentless feel and a mocking tone
    • the repeated rhythmn of the poem just shows how much orbin has changed
    • Alliteration icnreases dramatic effects
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This can be created by description of a thing or setting or even feelings. Moods tend to change as the poem goes on

  • Homecoming
    • The first line 'thin two things on their own and both at once' this imediately creates a mysterious feel to the poem
    • there is also a tense mood in the poem as it is difficult to work out what the poem is actually about
    • also through the colour langue 'You seeing red. Blue Mruder. Bed'
    • Finally the silouette of the man who 'wants to set thing straight' seems threatening indeed.
  • Havisham
    • through the poem a confused and bitter tone is created as Miss Havisham cant decided on her feelings toward the man who jilted her.
    • She is very angry at men in general after her bad experience
  • Hitcher
    • A rather alarming and disturbing mood is created throughout the poem as the poet casually talks about kill the hiker.
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