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Sonnet 130

  • May seem like traditional compliments but turn into critisms
  • in most love poems the women will be compared to "ROSES" and "sun" and etc but here she is critised by it
  • however he describes her he still loves her
  • rare compare ... rhyming couplets .... happy ending to poem
  • inset last two line suggests that they are the most important
  • by being realistic in her descriptions and thaty she is imperfect suggests the real love
  • its 1st person
  • it focuses on reality
  • it contrast with all Shakespeares other sonnets ... he sort of takes the **** out of his own poems
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Elvis's Twin Sister

  • the poem is very conversational style becasue it seems as though she is talking straight to us .... "they call me ...."
  • very descriptive tone .. "darkish hues" but most of the poem is down to earth tone so her descriptive tone makes us seem like she maybe a more interesting and less boring character instead.
  • she is like a contrast to Elvis as she sings more peaceful religious hymns or songs and religion is the central part of her life but for Elvis everything was rock n roll
  • she has a similarity with her brother but not because they are fashionable but because they are practically.
  • Elvis's smile was a trademark but here her's is just a genuine smile.
  • "y'all" "lawdy" "digs" all words that Elvis uses
  • generally the poem is calm and just mentions about religious things ... "immortal soul" "reverend mother " "a rosary" ...etc
  •  when the words "rock n roll" "heartbereak hotel" "lonely street" come up within these calm religious words they seem to stand out and emphaise how much Elvis's twin sister is reminding us of his life
  • the poem looks like a prayer/ chant as it has 6 five lined stanzas
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  • its in 1st person monologue
  • casual tone  and colloquial language
  • starts with a rhetorical question and ends with one - suggests its a circualr poem .. where we started ... we ended at the same place .. he hasnt learnt anything from his mistakes
  • " a snowman" he is passionate about something that is temporary
  • "no where" he knows that what he is doing is leading him no where in life
  • "im a mucky ghost" childish and lonely ... feels left out of the society- he may feel dead
  • " i watch my gloved hand.." he doesn't take control of the his actions ... he is detached from them
  • full stops in " a strangers bedroom. mirror. " emphaises the moment
  • enjambment " i took a run and booted him" he is overflowing with aggression
  • he realises he is not even making any sense and blames it all on society for his actions as it says in the last line.
  • " a guitar a bust of shakespeare" suggest how he ruined the two traditional pursuits of happiness .... music and literature
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Mother any distance

  • Measurements and distances in the poem are an extended metaphor and represent and analysises the relationship of the mother and the child
  • "anchor and "kite" suggest how she is the one holding him down to earth and stopping him from flying off free but also anchor could be in a positive way as he is holding onto him so he doesnt get completely lost and can catch him when he falls as he seems a bit scared as well
  • "back to base" he refers to returning to his mother
  • "you at the zero end" the mother is there for him since his birth
  • "i space walk through" suggest that he feels like he is in outer space and he is moving into a foreign world now
  • "the lines feeding out" = umblical cord ... maternal
  • "breaking point" either of them have to give in and let go
  • "pinch" desperate - painful
  • "to fall or fly" he is uncertain and fearful
  • A short moment of measurement so a short poem
  • long lines in the beginning shows how less and less time and one of them have to give in
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My father though it

  • "bloody queer" and " rolled" are colloquial language
  • "half hidden" = he was full heartedly want it ... maybe peer pressure
  • "you've lost your head" = father's voice ... and views .. think he just did it because everyone else does it
  • leads the poet to feel like a coward because he didnt do it the normal way and did it in a shop
  • "the hole became a sore" could be a metaphor for the realtionship of father and son has been wounded. "and wept" emotional response .. crying ... from his punishment 
  • "comes as no surprise here " it was expected
  • "breaking like a tear " again  emotional language and his own opinions eventhough he has grown
  • last line can be what the father said and a way to cure their wounded realtionship and as it is in italics it is like the son is repeating it to remind him what he can do to solve the problem
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  • Title "kid" no identity ... no status or batman and robin can be like a son and father
  • "batman big shot" emphaises alliteration and sacracism
  • bitter tone of how scared he was andd deserted eventhough batman thought he was giving him freedom "as you liked to say"
  • "i turned the corner" first sign of taking control
  • "ballboy" suggest how batman used him
  • batman catched criminal but "with the maried woman " suggest that batman is a criminal through KID's anger
  • "a pair of jeans" he is normal now living in the real world
  • he finds his real identity at the end of the poem
  • he wants to imagine Batman eating normal disgusting food
  • he loves patronising batman "you baby"
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