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Some English Vocabulary That i Get Confused With Please Rate It And Comment

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Definition Of Key Terms

Onomatopoeia- Words Sounding Like Their Meaning e.g Bang, Crash, Boom
Adjective- A Descriptive Word Describing A Noun e.g The Gigantic House
Noun- A Naming Word e.g Paris, Trousers, Alcohol
Pronoun- Used Instead Of A Noun e.g He, She, They, It, You
Imagery- Creating A Picture With Words e.g Knees Spread Wide
Personification- Giving An Object or An Animal human Qualities e.g The Fingers Of The Tree Grabbed My Hair As I Passed
Repetition- When You Repeat Words For Effect
Simile- Comparing Two Things Using Like Or As e.g He Was As Quick As Lightning
Metaphor- Comparing Two Things Without Using Like Or As e.g He Is A Cunning Old Fox.
Alliteration-Repetition Of A Leading Consonant Sound In A Phrase e.g Peter Piper
Verb- A Doing Word e.g Read, Walk
Adverb-Typically Answer Questions Such As How?, When?, Where?, Why? And To What Extent?
Conjunction- Is A Joining Word e.g And However
Soliloquy-Extended, Uninterrupted Speech By A Single Person. e.g When The Actor In The Play Is Talking To Himself Or The Audience Instead Of Other Actors

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Definition Of Key Terms Continued

Fact-Is A Statement That Uses Figures To Prove It e.g Skysports Shows Sport
Opinion-Is A Statement That Someone Has Made Up And Thinks Is A Fact
Sincerely- This Word You Use At The End Of The Letter If Your Letter Starts With Dear Sir/Madam.

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