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English Language terminology that should be used in the exam!

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Words which can mean lots of different things.

E.g. Box - A 3D rectangle used to store things; A type of fighting which involves punching ('Let's box!')

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Words which are similar in meaning are synonymous with each other.

E.g. Cold, freezing, chilly, Nippy

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A comparison where it is said that one thing is another.

E.g. Mutton dressed as lamb.

E.g2. The game was decided my sudden-death.

E.g3. I could have died (of embarrassment).

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Words used to refer to a particular person in speech.

E.g. 'Hey Alex, do you want to go to the ciema tomorrow?'

E.g2. 'Here's my homework, Miss.'

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The vocabulary we use.

E.g. Children don't have a very broad lexicon.

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The meaning of a word as written in the dictionary.

E.g. Love - A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness.

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Idiomatic Language

Expressions used to convey a meaning through an action which is unlikely to happen.

E.g. Let's play it by ear.

E.g2. Up the creek without a paddle.

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Tag Question

A question attatched to the end of a sentence or statement, which is in some way rhetorical.

E.g. 'I enjoyed that, didn't you?'

E.g2. 'We should do something tomorrow, shouldn't we?'

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Words which have the same spelling, but sound different and have different meanings.

E.g. Dove - a species of bird associated with peace/

I dove into the water.

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Filled pause

A gap in speech shown by a hesitational vocal noise.

E.g. Errrrm

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Words which are pronounced in the same way, but are spelt differently and mean different things.

E.g. Their, they're, there.

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Expressions that can't be understood unless you know the context of what is being said.

E.g. 'That boy over there' - You wouldn't know which boy was meant unless you could see who the speaker was gesturing to.

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