English language terminology test 2

These cards are a test on english language terminology.

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What is face?

What is a face threatening act?

What is negative and positive face?

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What is hyponymy?

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Idiolect and Sociolect.

What is Idiolect?

What is Sociolect?

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Power types.

What is and what is the difference between?

-Influential power.

-Instrumental power.

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Specific lexis.

What is subject specific lexis?

What is jargon?

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What is Metatalk?

What is Metalanguage?

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Politeness strategy.

What is:

-Negative politeness strategy

-Positive politeness strategy?

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Technology terms.

What is variant spelling?

What is homophonic representation?

What is phonetic spelling?

What is vowel omission?

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What is an subordinate clause?

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Phatic talk.

What is phatic talk and when is it most commonly used and why?

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Empty adjectives.

What are empty adjectives and which gender is stereotypically more likely to use them?

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What is the definition of lexis?

What is the definition of a phrase?

What is the definition of an utterance?

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What are Hyperboles?

What are Superlatives?

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