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These are just some stuff you could include in your english language exam... mines next week :)

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For the reading and analysing of the texts, these acronyms are very helpfull.

Purpose... what is the point of the artical/newspaper/leaflet. To inform? To advise? To persuade?

Audience... Who is this aimed at? Children? Adults? bill payers? is it for people with special interests eg. fishing/skiing?

Language... Is the way its written formal? informal? Does it use a wide range of vocabulary? is there a mixture of complex and simple sentences?

Layout... Is there pictures? Are the relevent? Whats the font and colour like? is it boring, sad, happy, angry? 

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For the reading and analysing of the texts, these acronyms are very helpful.

Point... Make a point about what you have found, whether it be the type of language or layout. 

Evidence... Give some proof of your point, you need to support what you have stated. Use a quote from the text. 

Explain... You need to say why you have chosen this point and what relevence it has to your point.

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Commenting on the language

For analysing the texts your will probably have to comment or compare the language...

Is the language sophisticated or quite simple?

Are the objectives and general tone positive or negative?

Is there use of personal pronouns, "you" "your"?

Is there use of imperative language, eg. "DONT" "NOW" is this to persuade or argue? is it convincing?

is there emotive language... "please help" "you could make a difference"? 

Metaphorical language? 

Or is it humorous and uses puns to connect with the audience? 

With all these comments on the language you have to say what its affect is on the piece of text!

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Commenting on the layout

For analysing the texts your will probably have to comment or compare the layout..

The layout is how the page is set out, these are some of the things you can comment on...

                                   Columns            Font size                           Italics

          Tables                      Colours           Graphs            Pictures 

                           Captions    Headings                  Fonts  


State how they are effective... do they compliment the information? Are the colours sophisticated or bright and colourful for children? If the text is red what emotion does it convay? Love? Anger.

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Writing part of the exam -_-

Possibly the worst part of the exam -_____- The writing part. 

Of what i have heard there are two questions, one that is 25 minuets and the other which is 35 minuets. 

The first question could be an artical to advice

- Make sure it is fluent and in a logical order which makes the reading of it easier. 

-Include a small header that is eye catching and engages the read (dont spend twenty minuets doing that by the way :)

-Address the audience with a light humour, dont be patronizing. 

-in the artical include a picture (draw a bow and lable it picture)

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Writing question 2

This generally is a piece to persuade, usually a letter.

To set out a letter...

                                                                                            Your address

Their adress

Dear sir/ Mr Bob        

                                 Yours faithfully/yours sincerely 


-emotive language                                     -in the end put your point across more

-both sides of the aguement                      -Statistics (make them up)

-Dont forget paragraphs                    -Rhetorical questions (engage the reader)


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