English Language - Question 6

In question 6 we write ot inform argue and persuade. This question is worth 24 marks.

EXAMPLE QUESTION: 'Life is too easy for young people today. they lack challenges and dont have to fight for anything .'

write an article for a magazine of your choice which persuades your readers that this statement is either RIGHT or WRONG.

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Writing to Persuade


often one sided and influences someone to adopt your opinion

  • A - alliteration
  • F - fact
  • O - opinion
  • R - rhetorical question
  • E - emotive language
  • S -statistics
  • T - Triplets

you should:

  • Using an appropriate format to match the task
  • Using an appropriate tone, to match the audience
  • Using appropriate and interesting vocabulary
  • Successful advice
  • Level of structure and fluency
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Writing to Argue


considers both sides of an argument

T - triplets
R - repetition
A - alliteration
P - paragraph structures
P - punctuation
E - evidence
R - rhetorical question
S - sentences

you should include:

  • the type of event that will work well
  • how to plan the event
  • what targets to set
  • how to avoid problems
  • how to look after the money
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