english language purpose and audience

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the audience

Writers will always have a specific group of people targeted when they write.

content- ( subject) can show who is the target audience- top gear about cars for people who like cars 

form-  (way its laid out) can show as well- big font and letter for children 

language-  can tell you about age group and level of understanding- specialist terms 

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purpose of the text

non-fiction texts are written either to: 

-inform- add to their understanding 

-entertain- make reader feel something 

-argue or persuade- give writers opinion

advise- help reader with instructions 

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personal tone (informal style)

- talking to you (first person)

-writers point of view- biased, expresses emotions, self-mocking

exam tips

- say effect of personal style (correct technical terms)

-short quotes and how they are effective 

impersonal tone (formal style)

-neutral and detached (third person)

-unemotional and factual- unbiased, others opinions 

exam tips 

-clear opening point 

-comment on language to show you understand the text 

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informative texts

facts and information:

-what has happened- history book

-what will happen- weather forecast

-advertise- brochure 

-something you need to know- TV guide 

-TO INFORM- information details, dates 

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entertaining texts

enjoyable to read:


anecdotes (funny stories) 

creative and unexpected informative writing (similes, comparisons)


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argue and persuasive texts

-clear and open abount point of view, aims and opinions 

writing to argue:

-statistics to back up

-rhetorical quaestions 

short, sharp sentences 

writing to persuade: 

-opinionated tone

-emotive lang

-direct address 

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text that advise

clear and calm:

-less emotional

-clearly written and laid out 

-formal or informal 

-instructive texts- step by step advice 

-adresses reader 


-specific details for practical advice 

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style- type of language techniques a writer uses (formal/informal)

formal style: 

- dry, serious tone not exciting 

-e.g , textbooks,business letters, news reports...

- long sentences

-formal language 

impersonal opinions 

informal style:



-jokes and light hearted 

-funny contradctions 

exam tips 

say if you think it works and why 

comment on the style and how the language helps it 

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