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Inform, Explain,Describe


  • clear intro
  • straight forward sentences and paragraph structure
  • use of facts and figures


  • careful structure in which each piece of info can be understood by reference back to what came before
  • definition of technical terms and the use of technical language
  • factual description


  • longer sentences
  • use of adjectives and comparisons, similes and metaphors
  • an organisational move from overall description to the specific
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Argue, Persuade, Advise


  • staged series of points
  • invitations to the reader to agree
  • factual language
  • an objective style that suggests that 'we' all agree


  • rhetorical questions
  • colourful and descriptive language
  • a personal style to create the readers involvement


  • use of imperitives to tell the reader what to do
  • short, clear sentences
  • factual description to identify information
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Analyse, Reveiw, Comment


  • paragraphs
  • summary/quotes/anecdote
  • intro and conclusion
  • longer sentences

reveiwing and commenting:

  • a structure where ideas or facts are evaluated
  • complex sentences using connectives and connecting phrases
  • an intro and an evaluatative conclusion
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Explore, Imagine, Entertain

imagining, entertaining and exploring:

  • a story structure
  • a chronological account
  • an intro
  • use of adverbs and phrases to describe how things happened
  • different sentence lengths and pace
  • direct speech
  • familiar description
  • the development of characters by description
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