English Language GCSE (2) Persuasion

Just a quick set of cards for things to look out for in the persuasion section of the exam. You can also use these techniques in your own persuasive writing in the last questions. 

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The three F's- Flattery, Fear and Facts. 
Health (Illnesses, healthy lifestyles) and Humour (Puns, play on words, captions, cartoons)  
Examples (Mrs. Jones from the local area said...)
Emotive language (Making audience feel a strong emotion about a subject just from the words)
Stories (When an advert might tell a story to add more emotion)
Guilt tripping (Making the audience feel wrong for what they're doing in the hope that they'll change)
Format (What is the format of this piece i.e layout, tone, style)
Audience (Who is the piece aimed at, what language is used because of this.)
Purpose (What is the aim of the piece. How is it successful?)

Always remember with each point say WHY or HOW.
Example:  The writer refers to cancer...to play on the reader's fears.

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