english language following an argument

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features of an argument

- facts


-implications- suggesting something without saying it outright 

-generalisations, rhetoric, bias

- identify key points - started by linking words or phrases 

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evaluating an argument

whats the impression

how impression persuades reader 

exam tips:

talk about techniques and how they are effective 

develop ideas- subtle points


drawbacks of an argument: 

- inconsistencies- contradictions 

-inaccuracies- wrong information 

-dullness- too many stats. unclear or confusing 

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facts and opinions

state how the facts help the writers argument:

e.g This writer uses facts to strengthen his argumen.., for example.... fact is evidence that... however i think the agument could be improved by.....

opinions can be true or untrue and can be portrayed as:

direct speech- spoken by writer

reported dialogue- by someone else - more convincing

exam techniques 

-effects opinions have and why 

-develop points 

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make arguemnt more forceful:

-presented confidently as a fact but with no details 

-make argument sound more forceful and convincing 

-e.g chips are bad for you. 

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-presents a point of view then disagrees with it showing its wrong 

-help writers opinion- considered other viewpoints 

-e.g although parents believe.... studies show...

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rhetoric, repetition and bias

make answer seem obvious for emphasis


helps emphasis as well, power of three 


-lie and dont give the full picture

-exaggerate something that supports their argument- HYPERBOLE 

-ignores other side

-no evidence 

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