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Esturry English

  • Paul Kerswill opossed Rosewarre & said that he was wrong as it is standard english (SE) with southeastern . He said that it is not a dialect but an accent(may 1994)
  • The non-standard urban dialects & accents are be levelled in the whole south east region. (less Variety)
  • Is becoming used more in high status occupations e.g. broadcasting. Doesn't have the snobery that is associated with R.P.
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Good v Bad


  • It allows for easy upward & downward convergence
  • It is a social leveller in terms of accent.


  • I s a corruption of both SE & RP
  • Linguistis disagree on what it is & whether it is an accent or a dialect.
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Proffessor John Wells view

  • Standard English spoke with a non-RP, London influence accent
  • Differs from LWC & Cockney, -uses standard -Lack of th-fronting, intervocale glotal stop.
  • There is a spectum of intermediate possibilities between Rp & Cockney & that this can be called Estury English (EE)
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Will EE take over?


  • We don't hear RP as often as we used to.
  • Fewer ppl feel they have to speak RP to be successful. "adoptive RP"
  • RP has changed over time.
  • The profile of EE has been raised.
  • LWC & EE are found in other places in the country


  • Ppl who spoke RP still do
  • EE has been around for a while & RP is still with us
  • Although some features such as glttalisation are spoken, this doesn't mean speech will change completely.
  • It is only seems as if it is, as it only being spoken in London.
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Differences between Cockney, Estuaruy, RP

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