English Language Devices

These flashcards will enable you to recognise and understand some of many English language devices needed within the exam and will help to understand non-fiction and fiction texts.

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When the reader is addressed dirctly to involve them in the text.


'You can make a difference'

'We all need to help'

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The repetition of a sound or a letter.


The fast and furious footballer stormed across the pitch.

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Facts and Statistics

Statements that are proven to be true. Data that is used to support a fact.


Alchol consumption is on the rise with 86% of children having tasted alcohol by the age 18.

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Opinions and Anecdotes

Personal stories and thoughts from the writer.


Last Christmas the most awful thing happened to me...

Surely you agree that Paul's Boutique is the outfit of chavs.

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When an idea or phrase is repeated for emphasis.


Imagine a world without poverty. Imagine a world without hate.

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Rhetorical Question

A question that does not require an answer but makes the reader think about an issue.


Do homeless people really deserve the lives they have?

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Emotive Language

Words or phrases that appeal to the reader's emotions.


The innocent woman was beaten savagely by her brutal attacker.

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Sentence Types

The different types of sentences used to engage the reader, e.g. short and shocking or long and detailed.


Southend, a seaside town, is always looking to attract tourism; from selling ice-cream to walking across the pier. But wasting millions on a sculpture is a shocking idea. Ridiculous!

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When three reasons are given or three adjectives are used to describe something.


Boring, dull and mundane; another wet Sunday stuck indoors.

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How the text is addressed to the reader, e.g. formally, informally, with humour, sarcasm etc.


I am writing to inform you...

Don't be jel, be reem.

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thanks these are really helpful!


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