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These revision cards have been designed to give you an insight on the questions within the Engligh language exam by the AQA exam board. It has been made to help you understand the structure of the exam and how to briefly answer the questions.

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Section A - Reading

Spend 1 hour and 15 minutes reading in this section.

Read Text 1 - Answer question 1 (8 marks/12 minutes)

Read Text 2 - Answer question 2 (8 marks/12 minutes)

Read Text 3 - Answer question 3 (8 marks/12 minutes)

Answer question 4 (16 marks/ 24 minutes) : IMPORTANT QUESTION

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Section A: Question 1 (8 marks/ 12 minutes)

'What do we learn about...'

  • Show your ability to work out information and follow an argument/opinion.
  • Work out what the writer is saying and put it in you own words with embedded quotes.
  • DO NOT analyse language.
  • Embedding quotes will gain you higher marks than just identifying quotes because embedding quotes shows that you know how to incorporate quotes into your sentence thus making the sentence flow more smoothly.
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Section A: Question 2 (8 marks/ 12 minutes)

'Explain how the headline and picture are effective and how they link to the text.'

  • Say a lot about a little.
  • 50% answer = Language analysis of HEADLINE
  • 50% answer = Analysis of COLOUR, FONT & PICTURE

Band 5 = Link what you say to what the text is about.

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Section A: Question 3 (8 marks/ 12 minutes)

'Explain the thoughts and feelings.../ how the question is exciting'

  • You need to show that you can identify thoughts and feelings in the text and embed quotations to support what you say.
  • Cover the whole text. Show how they change in text.
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Section A: Question 4 (16 marks/ 24 minutes)

'Compare how the writer has used language for effect in two texts.'

  • Say a lot about a little.
  • You must choose words and techniques closely.
  • Analyse the effect of them in detail and compare it with another text.
  • Name and explain techniques used and compare the effect created, is it similar or different?
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Section B - Writing

Spend 1 hour on this section

Question 5 - Describe, Explain and Inform (16 marks/ 24 minutes)

Question 6 - Argue and Persuade (24 marks/ 36 minutes)


Answer question 6 before question 5 because it gains more maks than the other.

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Section B: Question 5 (16 marks/ 24 minutes)


  • Use techniques for describing and explaining.
  • Write about 1 and a half pages
  • Paragraph, spell and punctuate properly!
  • Use interesting vocabulary for effect.
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Section B: Question 5 (Further Advice)

  • Who are you writing to? (AUDIENCE)
  • WHAT are you wirting for? (PURPOSE)
  • What format are you writing? Magazine? Letter?
  • Show the examiner you understand what you are writing and who you are writing to.
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Section B: Question 6 (24 marks/ 36 minutes)


  • Use techniques such as rhetorical questions, facts, groups of 3 etc.
  • Write about 2 to 2 and a half sides.
  • Write to the correct audience and the correct style/form.
  • Paragraph, spell and punctuate properly and use interesting vocabulary for effect!
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Section B: Question 6 (Further Advice)

  • Who are you writing to? (AUDIENCE)
  • WHAT are you wirting for? (PURPOSE)
  • Remember to use the right tone. Don't be aggressive - this isn't persuasive!
  • This question carries the most marks so do it before question 5!
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Writing Reminders

Question 5 = 1 and a half sides

Question 6 = 2 to 2 and a half sides

  • Examiners like originality but it should be sophisticated and mature.
  • Well planned and concise answers are far more successful than long waffly answers.
  • Punctuate not only accurately but for effect.
  • Finally, spend any spare time checking through your answers. It is VITAL to do so, as every little counts!
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