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English Language Exam Infomation


Q1) Retrival


Time5 mins to read, 12 mins to write

SkillRetrieval (retrieve info from an article to answer the given question)

You ShouldWrite in paragraphs based on the question. Always use quotes to support your ideas. Be factual. Make a comment about the infomation you pull.

Q2) Presentational Features

Marks: 8

Time: 5 mins to read, 12 mins to write

Skill: Linking presentational features to the text, as well as evaluating their impact on reader

You should: Write half of your response in paragraphs about the headline and sub healine's language, its mpact on the reader, and how it links to the text. Do the second paragraph the same but about the photo included in the article.

Q3) Inference

Marks: 8

Time: 5 mins to read, 12 mins to write

Skill: Inference (reading between the lines)

You should: Write 4 short paragraphs about thoughts and feelings presented in the text. Including their thoughts and feelings in each paragraph.

Q4) Linking, analysing language techniques

Marks: 8

Time: 24 mins to plan and write

Skill: Linking, analysing language techniques

You should: Contrast and/or compare two of the sources. Write between 3 and 6 paragraphs about theww different ways you can combine the two sources. Mention specific language techniques and thier impact on the audience. Consider whether the two sources have the same or different purposes a a reason for why you are comparing or contrasting them.

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