English Langauge - child language acquisition

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Early Language Development

Language Development may begin in the womb:

Decasper and Spence- found that childrens sucking rate increased when they were read the same story as they were in the last 6 months of pregnancy.

Mehler et Al - found that french four day old babies sucking rate increased when they heard french as opposed to italian or english.

Fitzpatrick- found that a babies heart rate slows when it hears its mothers voice.

Crying - crying is a pre-verbal stage in which babies go through, since they cannot yet form any lexis properly, they use crying to indicate that they need something. it could indicate hunger, discomfort or pain. 

Cooing (6-8 weeks) - this is the stage where they experiment with phonemes and strengthen their vocal chords. 

Babbling (6 months) - is the next stage where they produce reduplicated monosyllables, again, experimenting with sounds e.g 'mamamamama' sometimes these sounds aren't repeated e.g goo gah gar, this is called variegated babbling.

Phonemic expansion + contraction - expansion is where the baby expands the range of phonemes they use, contraction occurs later when they discard sounds that they reconise are not needed for their native language. 

Intonation and gesture develops later.

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