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The key details of the text

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Where did gerald and daisy renton meet ?

at the home of charlie brunswick

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How long was eva out of work for after birling sac

2 months

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What was the name of the shop that eva worked at a


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when did eva start work at milwards?


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How old was eva smith ?

twenty four

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These aren't the key details, and they're also inaccurate; for example, Gerald met Daisy in the Palace Bar and then took her to Morgan Terrace. They didn't meet there.

Kieran Golding

when in the book does it say she's twenty four ... i thought it only said she was in her twenties

Jack Clarke

If you think these are the key details then good luck to you! Also, they met at the palace theater bar, not the home of Charlie Brunswick. Tut tut.. >:(


not really very helpful, sorry :(

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