English GCSE poems from different cultures

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Alliteration – first letters of a word being the same...smiles sweetly

Attitudes – words used to express attitude... stick hit sound

Comparisons – comparing two or more things or people... how black and white people treated

Contrast – difference of two or more things or people... black and white people

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Language – type of language used... different language. Formal? Emotive? Persuasive?

Metaphorical – something being compared to something it isn’t... vultures compared to human

Metaphors – something is something or is described as something else... the blessing sings

Mood -  words used to express mood and set the mood... there’s no sign of the sun

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Onomatopoeia – word that sounds like its meaning... “buzz” “pop” “crunch”

References – similar to compare... limbo to slave ship

Repetition – word or phrase is repeated to emphasise a point or idea... limbo limbo limbo

Rhythm – fixed pattern of syllables... often used in poetry

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Similes – something described “like” or “as” something... ‘was as pale as the moon’

Structure – beginning middle end... mood changes? Stanzas? Layout?

Tone – mood of language – happy? Sad? Angry? Light-hearted? Sympathetic? Serious?


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