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Studying Spoken Language

Proxtmity= Means how close you are when speaking to another person

Orientation= Refers to how we postion our selfs when we speak.

Facial Expressions

Eye Contact

Hand Gestures


Head Movements


Intonation= How the voice alters in pitch and tone to emphasise or show different emotions

Pace= How quickly you are talking to someone

Use of pauses


Stress= How certain words or sylables have more emphasis or stress placed on them

Non verbal communication= Communicating with actions

Transcript symbols= For example; (.) means a pause (4) means pausing for 4 seconds

Domination= Who controls the topic, you must remember to say why you think someone is more dominant than the other

Turn talking and interruptions

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Asking a question or saying something that clearly needs a response

A pause ( even a very brief one)

Trailing away of speech when a speaker is running out of things to say

Use of words such as ; OK, anyway, right , so

Slight lowering of volume in what is being said

Direclty inviting someone take over

A tone, such as a firmer tone, or an uncertain toe

An increase in pace of speech ( might show awareness that other speaker(s) want to take over.)

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