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francis !!!!

Francis casavant was in the war he only joined to die, he tried to die by jumoing on a grenade. At the stary of the atory we learn taht he has no face this can be seen in the quote "the war is over and i have no face" this defines that the attack from the  war was very extreme and that he may not beable to get his face back like before.

Frncis is also deeply in love with nicloe renalds " it will always be nicloe". near theend f teh novel we get this feeling that he will become a writer. francis goes to kill larry lasalle and he describes the gun "like a tumour to his thigh". he also goes trough some guilt when he leaves nocle to get rapped by larry lasalle. when he returns to frenchtown he become annoymus and this is because he destroyed all of his papers.

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nicole becomes a superp dance through larry lasalle this is because he gives her private lessons in the wreck centre. which leades to her getting attacked by larry. she is also a mystery trough out the novel. francis also creats an impossible romantic image of nicloe and of their relationship."like a night to her feet". when francis goes to find nicole she seems brittle.

she has grown - and is just "finding out" who she really is. nicloe is more mature that francis although she blames hi for the **** as he stood there watching/listining.

She is the one who tells Francis that he should try to write through what he has experienced: it is her wisdom that enables him to find a way to survive the experiences he has been through.

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larry lasalle !!!!!!

larry lasalle is the one who is known as  a superstar as he has teh superstar loo and he has the white teeth to prove it.  he ***** nicloe and he may ahve done it before as he refers to girls as "sweet younge things" which makes tehm sound like objects not humans.

larry lasalle joined the army the first morning after the war was declared the actions in the war lead to him being given a silver star medal. larry lasalle has been crippled by the war, so he can no longer stand.

in the final conversation larry lasalle said that francis was a hero what ever he thinks. larry lasalle stops francis from shooting him, but while francis leaves the building he hears a gun shot which larry shot his self. 

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francis: " kneels at nicloes feet like a knight"

"the man im going to kill"

larry:  "does that one sin of mine wipe away all the good things"

"best of the best"

"dazzaling movie star"

""patron saint of the wreck centre"

arthur:"men rather than the boys"

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