Lovely Bones

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Chapter 6

Ray and Ruth become friends; innocence, children, friendship

- "Hello, Ruth Connors!" he called, "I prepared tea and have it in my thermos here"
"No thank you." Ruth
"I was there that day when you and Susie talked backstage." Ray said, "Susie Salmon"
"I know who you mean"
"Are you going to the memorial service?" Ray
"I didn't know there was one"
"I don't think I'm going"
"Do you want some lip balm?" Ruth, "Here, I have tons of them. You can keep it."
"That's so nice. Will you at least sit with me until the buses come?"

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Chapter 6

Ruanna and Jack talk about the murder; friendship.

- "He did nothing wrong and loved your little girl. A schoolboy crush, but still" Ruanna
"I'm glad Susie had a nice boy like her, I'll thank your son for that" Jack said, "He wrote her a love note"
"I wish I had known enough to do the same. Tell her I loved her on that last day"
"Yes" Ruanna
"But your son did"

"You must have driven the policemen nuts" Jack
"They came to accuse Ray. I wasn't concerned with how they felt about me."
"I imagine it's been hard for him"
"No I won't allow that, you cannot have sympathy for Ray or for us" Ruanna, "you have lost a daughter and come here for some purpose. I will allow you that and that only but trying to understand our lives, no"
"I didn't mean to offend you. I only...." Jack

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Chapter 6

Len and Abigail are attached to each other; deception.

- "Jack wants to talk to you, but I'm sure you're too busy to wait" Abigail
"Not too busy" Len
"He went over to that poor Ray Singh's house"
"I'm sorry we had to question him"
"Yes. No young boy is capable..." Abigail
"His alibi was airtight" Len, "you remind me of my wife"
"She can't draw either?"
"She wasn't much of a talker when there was nothing to say"
"You used the past tense" Abigail
"She died soon after we were married" Len

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Chapter 7

Nate and Buckley; innocence, childhood

- "Last night she came in and kissed me" Buckley
"Did not"
"Did too"
"Have you told your mom?" Nate
"It's a secret. Susie told me she isn't ready to talk to them yet. Do you want to see something else?"
"Come here"
"Susie's room" Nate

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Chapter 13

Lindsey shaves her legs; love, family, fathers and daughters

- "What are you doing" Jack
"What does it look like im doing?"
"Don't be petulant"
"I'm sorry. I just want a little privacy thats all" Lindsey
"You're too young to shave your legs sweetie"
"Grandma Lynn started shaving at eleven"
"Are you being careful?" Jack
"I just started. I'd like to be alone Dad"
"Is that the same blade that was on it when you got it from my shaving kit?"
"Well my beard stubble dulls the blade. I'll go get you a fresh one" Jack
"Thanks, Dad"

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Chapter 14

Tension Lindsey after breaking into M Harveys house

- "Where have you been?" Samuel
"Yes sweetheart"
"I did it. I broke in to his house" Lindsey
"You what?" Abigail
"I brought you this. I think it might be important" Lindsey
"I'm going to pick up Buckley" Abigail
"Don't you even want to look at this, Mom?"
"I don't know what to say. Your grandmother is here. I have shopping to do, a bird to cook. No one seems to realize that we have a family. We have a family, a family and a son and I'm going" Abigail
"Do you believe me now?" Jack
"Yes Daddy" Lindsey, "Dad"
"I think he saw me" Lindsey

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Chapter 14

M Harvey; deception

- "Sir, we can take you down to the station for further questionning, and you do have the right to have a lawyer present but --" Officer
"I would be happy to answer any thing here. I am the wronged party, though I have no wish to press charges against the poor girl."
"The young woman that broke in, she did take something. It was a drawing of the cornfield and a sort of structure in it..." Officer
"Oh the poor girl" M Harvey, "I was trying to figure it out. I admit the horror of it has obsessed me. I think everyone in the neighourhood has tried to think how they could have prevented it. Why they didn't hear something, see something. I mean, surely the girl screamed. Now here, forgive me, but I think structures, and after hearing about how much blood was in the cornfield and the churned-up nature of that area where it was found, I decided perhaps.... Well that the person who had done it built something underground, a hole, and then I confess I began to worry at it and detail it the way I do the dollhouses, and I gave it a chimney and a shelf, and, well, that's just my habit. I have a lot of time to myself"

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Chapter 16

Abigail refuses to go to Susies memorial; betrayal and pain

- "They're having a ceremony for Susie. Listen" Lindsey
"We've had the memorial. That's done"
"What's done?"
"I don't believe she's waiting for us out there. I don't think lighting candles and doing all that stuff is honoring her memory. There are other ways to honor it"
"Like what?" Lindsey
"I want to be more than a mother"
"Are you going to leave us?"
"I promise I won't leave you" Abigail

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Chapter 20

Jack and Abigail; love

- "Jack? I must have fallen asleep" Abigail
"It's wonderful to have you back" Jack
"How do you do it?"
"There's no choice Abbie. What else can I do?"
"Go away, start over again"
"Did it work? Why don't you come lie down over here? We have a little time before the enforcers come on duty and kick you out"
"They've been nice to me. Nurse Eliot helped me put all the flowers in water whilst you slept"
"Dafodiles?" Jack
"Susie's flower"
"See, that's how. You live in the face of it, by giving her a flower"
"That's so sad"
"Yes, it is"

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