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english- poetry two scavenegers in a truck

two scavengers in a truck is about 2 garabge men and 2 people in an elegant open meredez waiting at a traffic light in down town san fransisco they are different as the couple are elegant and good looking and the garbage men are smelly and ugly plus the elegant couple have lots more money then they have you can tell this by many things these include the clothes they wear and the car that they own the bin men on the other hand dont have as much things as they couple have instead they have horrible red plastic blazers that they have to wear everyday to work and one of them has grey iron hair and hunched back like quasimodo from the hunchback of notre dame.

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what were they like?

what were they like is a poem about the vietnam war and explains what happened to the children and their families during the war its set out in a question and answer form of poem its a very sad and depressing poem about war and death it also talks about what happened in the vietnam war and what the vietnamese people were like before and after the war had finished and why it happened in the first place and how it could have been avoided and the weapons used during the time of the war

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