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·       My speech is about the positives and negatives of emerging technologies that can help reduce the effects of climate change.

These include:

·        nuclear energy,

·       geo engineering,

·       renewable energy

·       carbon capture

·       how they help to reduce global warming.

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card 2

Climate change is a growing concern within society.

More people trying to do little bits to help reduce and stop global warming.

One of the biggest causes of global warming is greenhouse gasses.

The main greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide (CO₂)

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card 3

There are many ways in which carbon dioxide is being emitted into the atmosphere than ever before.

All caused by human and environmental activity.

These include:

·       urbanisation,

·       increased agriculture,

·       emerging technologies

·       the earth’s orbit around the sun.

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card 4

 Cannot stop the environmental causes

Can implement new technologies that are able to reduce the effects of global warming on the earth and its inhabitants.

 Lots of newly emerging technologies that are going to help us reduce global warming in the near future.

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card 5

These technologies are:

·       nuclear energy,

·       geo engineering,

·       renewable energy

·       carbon capture.

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card 6 - Nuclear Energy NEGATIVES

  •  during the building and decommissioning of the plant there is a huge amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the environment. 
  •  cost of nuclear energy is extremely high due to the high cost of the uranium and the cost of the building and decommissioning of the plant.  
  • plants are not aesthetically pleasing and are an eye sore to local communities.  
  • The new infrastructure of a power plant would not blend in with the current infrastructures.
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Card 7 - Nuclear Energy POSITIVES

  • emits extremely low amounts of CO2 while the energy is being produced.
  • the cost  uranium is quite high BUT you get a lot of energy from little amounts.
  • Therefore able to sell the energy to the customer at low prices.
  • many things in place to help reduce the risk of any nuclear disaster happening. 
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Card 8 Nuclear NEGATIVES

  • Huge safety issues / a lot of precautions need to be taken to ensure that the safety of the workers and the locals. 
  • Socially unacceptable.
  • The speed of deployment extremely slow due to the huge amounts of safety features  to be added to the plant and the huge amounts of building work to ensure the plant works efficiently and to ensure safety.
  • Speed of deployment  slowed down by the people who do not want the nuclear power plant being built.

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  • Huge environmental issues  - suchas animal habitats being lost and destroyed.
  • CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere and the risk of radioactive material leaking into the atmosphere.

 lead to the surrounding area having to be evacuated for tens of hundreds of years due to the radioactive material that is in the area.  (such as in Chernoble)

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Nuclear energy is very reliable and creates huge amounts of electricity which can be distributed over the country to help run factories, offices and homes. 

The surrounding areas will benefit as it creates jobs for people in many different sectors including construction, security and economics.

BUT to operate the plant have to employ people who are trained and qualified in the industry.  So that you are able to keep the plant running efficiently and to ensure safety.

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 Carbon Capture is the process of capturing carbon dioxide emissions from factories and storing the carbon dioxide underneath the surface. 

The cost of doing this is quite high and also comes with a lot of environmental issues.

The storage  is risky and the carbon dioxide could potentially leak into the surrounding environment. 

Storage of the CO2 is under the earth’s surface meaning when a lot of carbon is stored we will eventually run out of space to store the carbon dioxide. 

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  • The storing of the CO2 will have no effect on the landscape as it is being stored underground. 
  • Not be huge amounts of carbon CO2  emitted into the environment unless there is a problem with the storing of the CO2. 
  • Government would have to pay residents or farmers so they would be able to store the CO2.
  • This  gives the residents and farmers an incentive to allow the storage of carbon dioxide on their land. 
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card 13 - carbon capture

Not many safety issues 

Main safety issue is having the carbon dioxide contained under high pressure. 

The product would easily be deployed quickly at scale due to the simplicity of the product. 

The capturing of the CO2 would easily fit in with the existing infrastructure. 

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card 14 - carbon capture conclusion

 Carbon capture and storage would be socially accepted as it would not affect people’s general lives.

However, this has not been the case in Germany.

As when the idea was proposed and implemented the locals did not want to be near the storage of the carbon at all

The product is however reliable except for minor leaks of the carbon dioxide when storing. 

For this product to be used you would have to employ specialists who is able to handle the CO2 safely


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card 15 - Geo Engineering - space mirrors

  Space mirrors.

 Satellite's that have mirrors attached to help reflect the sun’s rays to reduce the amount that reach the earth. 

We need to reduce the amount of sun rays reaching the earth so we are able to reduce the amount of heat being trapped in the earth’s atmosphere by greenhouse gasses. 

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card 16 - space mirrors

The cost of the products is high due to the equipment needed to get the mirrors into space 

The mirrors would not affect anyone’s view which means they will be socially accepted. 

There is a huge amount of risk as we are unable to control the satellite when in orbit.

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card 17 - space mirrors risks

Huge risks.  

  The main environmental impact is the building of a safe area to launch the rockets.

 Huge amounts of CO2 emissions  from the rockets that will have to be built and the fuel required for launching the rockets 

The speed of deployment will be quite slow due to the specialist equipment needed.  These specific pieces of equipment take a long time to make causing the speed of deployment to be extremely slow at scale. 

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card 18 - space mirrors

Not always reliable due to the sun not always shining off the mirrors meaning that the majority of the time almost all of the sun’s rays are reaching the earth.

  For the product to work you would have to employ lots of people due to the huge variety of skills required. 

However, the vast majority of the jobs require specialists so that they can ensure that everything is up to standard and to  ensure the safety of everyone.

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card 19 - Solar Energy

  One renewable energy that is becoming widely available is solar. 

Solar energy is collected by solar cells that are tiny parts that make up solar panels these solar cells collect the suns rays. 

The cost of solar panels is expensive at the moment but is becoming increasingly cheaper.

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card 20 - solar energy

Solar panels are huge eye sores especially on a solar plant. 

Solar panels do not fit in with the existing infrastructure but are being developed so they do not stand out as much.

Solar plants do not create a lot of jobs; the best way for people to take part in solar energy is by having their own solar panels on the roof. 

This does not create any profit but does help reduce electrical bills. 

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card 21 - solar energy

Solar panels are generally socially accepted but some people do not like the look of them

  The main job that needs to be covered by a specialist is the repairs needed for the solar panels. 

Solar panels are not always reliable due to them only working when the sun is shining, during the  night they are unable to generate electricity.

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card 22 - solar energy

No huge risks with the solar panels except from electric shock of which can be easily prevented.

There are extremely low carbon emissions once the solar panels have been made.

But during the production there is lots of carbon dioxide that is produced.

Solar panel plants can be set up extremely quickly compared to nuclear plants which can help them to start producing electricity a lot quicker and are able to start selling the electricity and making a profit quicker.

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card 23 - wind turbines

Wind energy helps to create electricity by using wind turbines.

When the blades turn they help to turn a generator which creates the energy.

The cost is not as much as nuclear power plants but is still more than solar panels. 

Wind turbines are not aesthetically pleasing and you have a lot of ‘NIMBYs’ (Not In My Back Yard) and ‘BANANAs’ (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything) trying to stop the building of wind turbines.

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card 24 - wind turbines

Social acceptability extremely low.

Started building them offshore so they have no protesters stopping them from building the wind turbines. 

Not reliable as they can only produce energy when the blades are turning but this can only happen if there is strong enough wind.

Not many jobs from wind turbines and the ones you do need require a specialist.

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card 25 - wind turbines

Benefits for  locals as companies will buy land off them so they are able to place the wind turbines there and also some companies offer to build a new community centre and often offer shares.

Wind turbines do not fit in with the existing infrastructure and are an eye sore.

Create a huge amount of noise which could affect the local wildlife and local community.

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card 26 - wind turbines

Big risks  - such as the blades breaking off which could cause damage to the environment below. 

Take some time to be deployed at scale but they do not take as long as nuclear power plants.

Environmental impacts  is damaging habitats and also killing birds if they fly into the turbine.

They do not emit a lot of carbon dioxide when fully functioning but they do create lots of CO2 in the production of them.

Also a lot of oil is needed to keep the wind turbines operating which emits huge amounts of carbon dioxide when the oil is being extracted.

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card 27 - conclusion

Overall all of the technologies can help to reduce global warming and they all have positives and negatives.

Each one has benefits over the others 

They all help to reduce the effects of global warming and help to reduce the main cause of climate change  Co2.

I believe that the best newly emerging technology that can help to stop huge amounts of carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere is renewable energy.

I believe this as even though all the other technologies do help to stop huge amounts of CO2 being emitted the renewable energy is emitting less. 

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card 28 - conclusion

They also have low risks that benefit the local communities cauisng less worry.

Very little environmental issues unlike the other technologies that effect the environment massively.

However, they are not always reliable as they need sun or wind to generate electricity.

But I believe renewable energy is best new technology at the moment that is helping to reduce global warming the most.

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