English Paper 1 Q1&2

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Graphology and Mode

Graphology and Mode

  • Images... Colours... Font... Size... Logos...
  • E.g. The poster background is black with a white edging. This means the poster is eye catching for the public.
  • E.g. The graphological features of the page are clearly aimed at mums. For example, there is a hyperlink 'Acronyms' which would be more appopriate for busy mums who are not as familiar with abbreviations and computer language.
  • Main 2 modes - spoken and written.
  • Spoken modes - Spontaneous, Non-standard English.
  • Written modes - Standard English, Formal.
  • Multi-modal texts - presents information in different ways e.g. pictures, writing, bullet points.
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Pragmatics - Assumptions made about what is meant or the inferences drawn from what is said or written.

Dysphemistic - Direct wording.

Euphemistic - Indirect wording.


  • Normal (beautiful), comparative (better than), superlative (the best).
  • Ameliorative adjective - describes something in a positive way.
  • Pejorative adjective - describes something in a negative way.


Main clause - The main part of the sentence.

Subordinate clause - This doesn't make sense without the main clause.

E.g. Teachers lay foundations (main) and learners build on them (subordinate).

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