English Literature (AIC) EDNA Character Analysis

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Edna's personality, purpose and performance (the 3


  • Silenced worker 
  • Minor character
  • Maid/ cleaner/ servant


  • to show the theme of inequality, power, responsability and class
  • creates the impression of Birlings wealthy, ignorant lifestyle
  • shows the schizm between poor and rich
  • she is the dramatic device in the whole of the play due to keeping the reader on edge as the Birlings do not have to leave the dining room to confront the task at hand so it keeps the reader on edge due to there not being an exact front to front meeting with the inspector at first hand as she is the one whom escorts him in and out.


  • She is described by the 'parlourmaid' symbolises how she is seen only as her proffesion rather than being seen as a human being, they show how she is  at the bottom of the eschelons and she is no importance to the Birlings rather than serving them and cleaning up
  • Birling uses unmitigated imperatives with Edna 'Give us...' and 'show him in....' , showing how Birling is not evn the slightest of frendly with Edna and this shows to her that he is the Boss and she is the diposable one.
  • When Edna announces the arrival of the Inspector it's almost as if though she is heralding in an opportrunity of change for theworking class, its people like Edna who'd bebefit the most from Birling's learnings from Inspectors sayings, she'd benefit greatly and improve vastly. So therefore we can see how she is allowed a seldom moment away from her docile obedience and delivers the inspector into the room readily, even stopping the Birlings from finishing their conversation.
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