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Theme - Loneliness/Friendship

Steinbeck highlights the fact that friendship was a rarity in the 1930s. "I never seen one guy take so much trouble for another [Boss]" Hyperbole, Suspicious tone

On the other hand, Steinbeck suggests that there was no room for friendship at all. Repetition of the scene in Chapter 1 but values have changed, Heron forsehadows, Water snake/rabbits are symbols of Lennie & George's friendship

Steinbeck suggests that the lonelines is what led to the harsh, cruel society in the 1930s. "Well you keep your place then, ******" Taboo language, Imperative, Irony

Contrarily, Steinbeck suggests that friendship only lead to trouble at the time "I ought to have shot my dog myself" Foreshadowing, Paradoxical Link (greatest act of friendship would be killing his own dog/friendship)

Steinbeck puts across the idea that people saw friendship as a weakness at the time of the Great Depression Use of Aristotelian Tragedy Conventions (Hamartia)

Loneliness and cruelty are in a never-ending cycle that can only be broken by an act of friendship "The hand shook violently but his face set and his hand steadied. Lennie jarred, then rolled forward and lay without quivering" Juxtaposition (violently, steadied), Peaceful imagery

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Theme - Fear/Courage

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Theme - Cruelty/Kindness

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