English Lit - A Christmas Carol (Stave - Summaries)

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Stave 1

  • SCROOGE is a rich but very mean businessman who does not like Christmas.
  • He argues with his NEPHEW about the meaning of Christmas and rejects his friendship.
  • He refuses to give any money to the poor.
  • He is visited by THE GHOST OF JACOB MARLEY, who warns him of what will happen after his death if he does not change.
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Stave 2

  • THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST shows SCROOGE some of his Christmases.
  • As a child, SCROOGE was lonely but found escape in books.
  • He had a sister, FRAN, who later died, leaving a child.
  • When SCROOGE was a young clerk he was happy working for generous MR FEZZIWIG.
  • SCROOGE was engaged to be married but his fiancee broke the engagement because he was only interested in money.
  • SCROOGE is upset by what he is shown and begins to show emotion.
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Stave 3

  • He tells SCROOGE that TINY TIM will die if nothing changes.
  • THE GHOST shows SCROOGE his NEPHEW, FRED, enjoying Christmas will his family and friends. SCROOGE is happy and lighthearted.
  • Before disappeaing, THE GHOST shows SCROOGE two monstrous children who symbolise ignorance and want.
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Stave 4

  • SCROOGE is shown some businessmen talking about someone's death.
  • He sees people selling the dead man's belongings.
  • The only poeple who feel any emotion about the man's death are glad that he is dead.
  • THE GHOST shows him the CRATCHITS mouring for TINY TIM.
  • THE GHOST reveals that the dead man is SCROOGE. SCROOGE says he has learned from the spirits and begs for a chance to change.
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Stave 5

  • SCROOGE wakes up on Christmas morning, happy and determined to change.
  • He sends a huge turkey to the CRATCHITS.
  • He spends a happy Christmas with his NEPHEW and family.
  • He looks after the CRATCHITS amd is a changed man for the rest of his life.
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