English Language Paper Two


Question One- 4 Marks

"Choose four statements below which are true/false"

You will be given a section of Souce A to read- approximately lines 1-12- and a selection of statements about this section. You must shade in the boxes of four true/false statements. One correct answer per mark.

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Question Two- 8 Marks

"Write a summary of differences/similarities on a topic/viewpoint/effect in both Source A and Source B"

You will be given a topic/viewpoint/affect such as the weather, education etc that is a running theme in both sources. You will have to compare either the similarities, differences or both between texts. 

Read and identify what you're being asked. Take a point that is an obvious difference/similarity, then put a deeper meaning/inference to it. Skim and highlight quotations that back up this point in both sources. Compare by talking about writers individual words, phrases, techniques and sentence structure as to how they have emphasised these points.

Write a clear introduction sentence for each paragraph. Use comparitive language and each paragraph should be about both sources. Have 2/3 points as paragraphs.

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Question 3- 12 Marks

"How does the writer use language to achieve an affect/feeling"

You will be asked about a section of one Source. Write about the techniques/words/phrases/structure the writer uses to achieve this feeling on the reader in this section. For example, a semantic field, alliteration, metaphors, word types, plosive alliteration, short sentences, juxtaposition, rhetoric etc. Focus on techniques, not ideas.

Read the question first and identify what affect/feeling you are being asked of. Highlight techniques that have the relevent topic included. Have a clear opening sentence, then elaborate. Write about the effect on reader, intention of writer, key words within the language device and their types, and alternative interpretations. Talk about general tone/ a more holistic look at the section.

Write about 4 points all with 2 quotations from the text to support the point.

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Question 4- 16 Marks

"Compare how the two writers convey their perspectives on..."

Write about the methods and attitudes of both source writers. First have a clear opening comparitive sentence on what perspective/ aspect of the theme given you are comparing. Include how this perspective changes/continues throughout the text- start, middle and end. Then talk about the effect on reader and the writers intentions and how they achieve this (reference quotes/echniques). Then do the same for the second source, comparing/contrasting the same aspect and how it differs. Link all back to the question.

Roughly 4 points/paragraphs.

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Question 5- 40 Marks

To write a non-fiction piece of writing on a given topic/statement regarding a topic

The topic that is given is usually the one that has been prevelent throughout the paper already. You will be given a statement on this theme such as- 'Homework is a waste of time'. You will then be asked to write a non fiction piece on a topic. 16m for technical accuracy- SPaG.

Newspaper-Head/strap line, rhetoric, formal, opinionated, Written By ‘x’, stats, numbers.

Leaflet- Title, bullet points, boxes with information, subheadings, enticing, opinions and stats.

Travel Writing- Entertaining, Title, Strap line, Personal Tone, Conversational, Descriptive.

Reports- objective and Impersonal, Introduction, Well Structured, A conclusion, POV

Reviews-to entertain Reader, Inform , Title with a quote, Advise, sophisticated language.

Speeches-Argue/persuade, Emotional/Dramatic/engaging, Stats, Anaphora, address audience regularly and familiarize with them.

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