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Broadening out

Opposite of narrowing focuses on the whole text instead of referring to characters in the room.

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Narrowing in

Narrows in on the focus to show the effect on the character not describing the setting .

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Shift in narrative /perspective

A term used to describe the position and character of the storyteller.

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Cinematic view

Not in the point if view of the narrator or character but in a view of a camera . Scenes often dramatic and focusing on the weather .

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The opening sentence

The opening scentence immediately establishes a mood of sadness , happiness . The opening sentence normally sets the mood or tone for the rest of the story .

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Cliff hanger

When your left uncertain of what’s happening next and ending the story /text on a question .

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The same thing as a circular narrative . Story starts and finishes in the same place .

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The change in setting

The change of location

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Direct contrast

Going against a thing you’ve said before .

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Zooms in

Zooms in to the character

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