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In this presentation I will be exploring the theme of Isolation in TTAYN. First I am going to be analysing two quotes from Imitation which explores the theme of Isolation, I will then analyse another quote but from another story which explores the same theme. After I have done this I will then compare the theme of isolation in the two stories and how it is explored/conveyed.  

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What is Isolation? Isolation is defined as the process or act of being isolated

Adichie's message is that a strong connection within a relationship can eventually push you away, when you experience isolation, due to other people

There are two types of Isolation; social and emotional

Social Isolation is simply the state of being alone, usually by choice and when experiencing social isolation, it can trigger several things such as social anxiety, feeling of loneliness and depression.

Emotional Isolation is when a person lacks a close confidant or intimate partner

These two types of Isolation can be seen through the two stories

Connotations of Isolation:

Solitude, Loneliness, Seclusion, Desolation (unhappiness and distress), Derelict

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First Quote from Imitation

  • Social status/hierarchy- High vs Low (Husband has wealth and has more control over women, she is less important to him)- high status which is why he has multiple girlfriends because he has control over women

  • Repetition - shows how certain she is about being isolated

  • Men demonstrated wealth through having girlfriends

  • Before her husband had multiple girlfriends, she felt very important as he only cared and loved her

  • As she figures out that, she is just one of many, she feels isolated because she realises he doesn’t love her and isolates her from her husband


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Second Quote from Imitation

  • Imperative verb (define term before associating it with quote) “I want”- demanding tone, situation is of a high importance, it is making her unhappy

  • American Dream- feels unhappiness, willing to leave it behind

  • Isolation- from her country, wants to return to where she belongs, it will make her feel safe and happy, will not trigger isolation

  • Possessive pronoun “my”- everything belongs to her, because her husband has betrayed her and he is less important to her, so he doesn’t get anything (feels isolation)

  • Unhappiness triggers isolation from society, because she hasn’t achieved American Dream, everyone else has, so she is feeling left out of the society as she doesn’t feel a part of it anymore


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Quote from Ghosts

  • Repetition- trying to recall and remember someone he knew (a friend)

  • Question- uncertain that it is him, helps him to be reassured

  • No Friends- feels isolated, wants to reach out to someone he knows

  • Theme of Isolation- link empathy, isolated makes you unhappy, relatable to us as we will once feel isolated from family/friends/our country

  • Wants to rely on him (familiar friend)- so many years have passed, lead separate lives, making him feel isolated as he has been pushed away from someone important to him

RELATE TO SOCIAL OR EMOTIONAL ISOLATION- this conveys emotional isolation, as he is lacking a friend in his life and he is also socially isolated because he is in the state of being alone, but not necessarily because he chose to, he has been put there by the lack of friends and relationships

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Similarities- both talk about being isolated from someone important to them, friend and a family member.

Differences- situation they are in, left her country to be successful but hasn’t been and Ikenna is trying to reconnect with someone he knew, who was once a friend.

The theme of Isolation is conveyed through:

  • Seperation from Family/Society/Friends (Imitation and Ghosts)
  • Backgrounds (Ghosts)
  • Time (Ghosts)
  • Type of Situation ( Ghosts and Imitation)


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