english controlled assesment notes

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the 5 ws

 onstage speech

who;Anne Hathaway

where;at the 85th academy awards 

what; winning a oscar for being the best supporting actress 

when; Feb 2012

why;thanking everybody for their support for her

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the 5 w

who;Anne Hathaway


what; talking to alll the jourilists 

when; after the acceptance speech

why;so that she can answer the jouilsits about her winning

and how she achieved this

what her role was in the fim

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is it designed to convey a message ?

is it designed to infor or to intertain?

is the speaker trying to convince the audience of something ?

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similarities ?

dramatic pauses (oh my goodness) shocked

slang (im a actor man)engaged the audience

humour(i love ur eyelashes) shows relationship with audience)

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planning and structure


they are both fluent

example (okay keep going)

this shows us that she wants the jourlists to keep moving onto the next question so the conversation has no awkward pauses



she just thanks everyone 

and gives creit to everyone that helps

has less time to speak 

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