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In times like these when we are experiencing unprecedented events Frank Turner's lyrics from 'Be More Kind' ring true; 

“In a world that has decided 

That it's going to lose its mind

 Be more kind, my friends, try to be more kind."

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intro carry on

English punk and folk singer-songwriter from Meonstoke, Hampshire.

in this speech, I am going to speak to you about ..........

people who inspire me

why guitar change life

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main paragraph 1

5 went to playfest in eccles 

saw ft for first time

not long after 1st guitar

early age love listening to music

keen to learn

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main paragraph 2

primary opportunity to learn uke by inspirational teacher Geoff Sharkey

session musician in 19702 bands called Ginhouse

he helped and taught me rhythm/ timing helped me slow down everyday life

variety of genres and was always kind and patient

played alongside him at some school events

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main paragraph 3

busy learning at school with Sharkey went to 1st big weekend festival latitude. when I was around 7

saw ft second time 

transfixed by the sound coming from his guitar

saw lots of bands but guitar took my attention

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main paragraph 4

Hearing music and watching musicians made me feel alive and less self-conscious

parents and i love music we can all share

Our last concert was Muse which was amazing.

missed ft and tk

I find there is something very special when you are part of a crowd who are all there for the same band.

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email ft

I recently emailed Frank Turner to tell him that he will be featured in my speech and he came back with a really nice response. He described the guitar as an amazing companion that you can carry around.

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main paragraph 5

weekly guitar lesson through out school years

unable in lockdown

 have used tutorials on the internet.

use as a way of relaxing and calming down

peoples person cant be on my own for more than 10 min

content own company when playing guitar

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My mum always encouraged me to keep going and never give up playing the guitar and I believe this is a good lesson for life.

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end line

Thank you for listening. Are there any questions?

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