Engineering Education Scheme

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Engineering Education Scheme

I'll be talking about

  • PCB
  • Sensors

PCB: has a few component groups

  • mbed
    • runs the circuit board
    • mini computer
  • multiplexer
    • not enough analogue inputs on mbed
    • provides more analogue inputs
    • sends recieved data to mbed
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Engineering Education Scheme

  • transitors
    • controls vibration motors
    • allows bigger voltage to be applied to the motors
    • 5V instead of mbeds 3V
  • sensor input
    • one common voltage
    • sensors act as variable resistor
    • resistance changes when pressure is applied
  • potential divider
    • transfers the change in resistance, cant be read by mp
    • into change in voltage, can be read by mp and send data to mbed
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