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Approaching -Question 2 (Eng)

Question 2 - 15 mins - 8 marks  How does the writer use language here to describe... AO2 - Language only! E.g verbs, adjectives, similes, metaphors...

Name the language technique e.g verb, adjective, metaphor. If in doubt, use ''word'' - but make sure you are explaining the effect of a single word. (not a whole quote)

Quote the word you are going to explore from lines (insert lines exam board gives) of the source. Eg from lines 9-20.

What effect does this word (or use of language) have on the reader?

What does it make us think or feel?       

What does it emphasise or suggest?

Choose a maximum of 3 examples to analyse language. It is the quality of your inference that will gain you marks, not how many features you can spot!. (WRITE A LOT ABOUT A LITTLE!)

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Approaching -Question 3 (Eng)

Question 3 - 15 mins - 8 marks      How has the writer structured the text to interest you as a reader?   AO2 - Use of structure + effect on the reader.

Key structure points to look for:

  • A change in focus
  • Narrative viewpoint
  • Zooming in / or out - an extremely narrow focus or wide angle
  • A change in place or time

Describe the structural feature -
e.g change in focus  - be specific - how does this text change from what to what?

What effect does this structual feature have?

What does it make us think/ feel? What does it emphasise and why?       maximum of 3 examples of structure to analyse.

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Approaching -Question 4 (Eng)

Question 4 - 20 mins - 20 marks  To what extent do you agree? - Line of argument : Agree / Partly agree    AO4 Evaluate Critically (A summary of all the skills in paper 1)                                     1. Decide on your line of argument. (It is difficult to hit the mark scheme if you disagree)

2. Highlight quotations in the second part of the text that supports your line of argument.

3. Identify language and/or structure features that prove your line of argument.

4. Decide on the effect of these quotations and methods on the reader.

5. Write your response as follows; Line of argument                                              Reason one - quotation + effect on reader      Reason two- method + effect on reader       Reason three - method + effect on reader

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Approaching -Question 5 (Eng)

How to approach each question Start with Question 5! You should do this question for at least 45 mins.  24 marks for content and organisation - AO5                                          16 marks for technical accuracy - AO6                                                Q5. Write a description suggested by this picture:                                                                                           

(Picture the exam board provide) Or: Writing a story   10 mins PLAN: Choose your task  Structure:  How will you write a powerful opening?    How can you link the ending back to this opening?

What will you focus on in each paragraph?   Narrative voice - Whose perspective will you write from?   What will you ''zoom in'' on for detail?         How can you change the focus? Then begin to write - 30 minutes Last 5 minutes - CHECK +

EDIT! Vocabulary check - have you chosen the best word? Could you be more ambitious in places. Change a word?

- Have you linked your ending back to the opening paragaph?  - Have you used a variety of punctuation - more than just full stops, commas and capital letters? E.g ; ' ( ) ? !

- Have you used some complex sentences? E.g starting with a connective: Despite...,Although...Because...As...

- Staring with an adverb:Unusually...Silently...Cautiously...     - Have you varied your paragraph lengths for effect?

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